Technology and Sustainability

The Second World War had driven the need for advances in technology, medicine, and communications for military use. Perhaps with the aid of the discoveries made with this demand, Fuller was able to make the innovations he did and create a housing unit as sustainable as the Dymaxion House. The Dymaxion House addressed the problems of existing housing in employing methods against excessive energy and water consumption, maximizing space and materials, improving stability and resistance, and coming up with a way to create it out of available resources and materials in a minimal time frame.
The building’s extreme technological advancement and sustainability dealt with tackling issues in the areas of heating, space and material minimization, ventilation, efficient exterior forms, internal space configuration, stability, weight, ease of assembly, and many more. The Dymaxion House’s main feature was its “employment of wire principles…[to create] a more economically refined structure with vastly increased strength for less material investment.”